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How to Make Cuban Coffee Recipe by Malaysia Barista


Cuban Coffee Recipe

You need
- Espresso Machine
(or StoveTop Mokapot)

- 1 to 2 teaspoon of brown sugar into Portafilter Basket
- Grind coffee into Portafilter Basket
- Extract coffee

Cuban Coffee Description

Cafe Cubano (also known as Cuban espresso, Cuban coffee, cafecito, Cuban pull, and Cuban shot) is a type of espresso that originated in Cuba. Specifically, it refers to an espresso shot which is sweetened (traditionally with natural brown sugar which has been whipped with the first and strongest drops of espresso). However, the name is sometimes used to refer to coffee-based drinks that include Cuban espresso as their main ingredient, such as cafe con leche.

Drinking cafe cubano remains a prominent social and cultural activity in Cuba and in Cuban-American communities, particularly in Miami, Tampa and the Florida Keys.

Cortadito is a standard espresso shot topped off with steamed milk. The ratio can be between 50/50 and 75/25 espresso and milk. It is similar to a cortado served in other Latin countries, but pre-sweetened.

Cafe con leche, or `coffee with milk`, is an espresso (without sugar) served alongside a cup of hot or steamed milk. Traditionally served separate from the coffee, the espresso is poured to the desired darkness into the cup of hot milk and then stirred. It is the traditional Cuban breakfast beverage, served with slices of buttered, toasted cuban bread.

Colada is 3-6 shots of Cuban-style espresso served in a Styrofoam cup along with small, plastic demitasses. It is a takeaway form, meant to be shared. This is customary of workplace breaks in Cuban communities.

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